• About us!

    We're on a mission to revolutionize the value of a college student.

    We Work and Thrive at various colleges 

    Connecting talented student teachers with the college community

    • Through innovative skill building workshops
    • We guarantee a step towards a student's professional development
    • Whether it is crunching tech, fighting creative blues or getting the personality of a winner- we have got it covered! 

    A gist about our Workshops...

    We support the idea of learning and problem solving in person while guaranteeing tremendous progress on all round development.

    • Workshops will be offered under 3 domains, tech, creative and personality
    • Students will have access to all personality workshops within the course path they choose
    • At the end of a course or series students develop a professional portfolio as a valid proof of their potential 
  • Course Paths


    Web Development 

    Learn HTML/CSS


    Java or Python

    Data Management

    Excel, Access & SPSS

  • Creative Design:

    Visual Design

    Adobe Photoshop, Indesign & Illustrator

    Video Content Creation

    Adobe Premiere Pro & After Effects

  • Pricing

    All our packages are available to students for an entire semester

    Free Demo Classes

    Demo classes will run during the first 2 weeks of the semester cycle for students to know what they would like to do. 

    The Step Up Package 

    $79 for one course path of your choice and 3 personality development classes to step you above the competition

    The All Rounder Package 

    $99 for 2 course paths of your choice and 3 personality development courses to make you the all rounder 

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